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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone The tides are shifting.  No longer is it taboo to talk about being a victim of sexual violence.  It seems like every time one turns on the television, opens up the internet, or listens to the radio, there’s another story about someone experiencing sexual abuse.  From students at major colleges to celebrity icons to the children …

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

March is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky! This is an annual opportunity to focus attention on raising awareness about sexual violence and its prevention. It is also an opportunity to highlight the efforts of individuals and agencies that provide rape crisis intervention and prevention services while offering support to sexual assault survivors, victims and their families. Sexual Assault Awareness …

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iRecord Contest

PASAC is currently participating in a contest with iRecord. iRecord is a company that produces digital interview equipment for use by law enforcement and child advocacy centers, and they will be giving away a system worth over $10,000! As Western Kentucky’s child advocacy center, PASAC provides forensic interviews for children who are victims of child sexual abuse. Use of the iRecord Digital …

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Treating Trauma

Over the past several years, there has been a shift in the mental health and medical field on the views of how traumatic experiences impact individuals. Rather than looking at trauma as something that just affects one psychologically, we now know that both the short-term and long-term physical effects of trauma are astounding. From addiction and relationship problems to chronic …

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Accepting Submissions from Local Artists

PASAC invites local artists to submit work that, if selected, would become a part of a 2015 “No More” state-wide traveling art exhibit to raise awareness and inspire action to end sexual violence. Submissions may be any art medium such as photography, painting, drawing, collage, print making, textile, or sculpture. Please be mindful of size, as your piece must be …

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Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are very important to us here at PASAC. Our volunteers are truly the backbone of our center, as we simply could not provide the quality of services our clients deserve without the support of volunteers.  Our volunteers come from all across the Purchase Area to donate their time, talents, and resources to serve victims of sexual violence and to make the …

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Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: What is normal and what is not?

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: What is normal and what is not? Most people can recall a time where, as a child, you were curious about sexual development. It’s not uncommon for young children to engage in “doctor” play or ask questions about genital differences of the opposite sex. We’ve all heard children ask questions about sex and sexuality that …

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