Rape Crisis Center of Paducah
Child Advocacy Center of Paducah
Sexual Abuse Education

Prevention Education & Awareness

Darkness to Light, Stewards of Children                  
Provides information on child sexual abuse and how working through prevention education can create awareness by education adults on how to recognize, prevent, and respond to child sexual abuse.

Bystander Intervention Resource
Provides educators and advocates with resources on bystander interventions and ways to implement them within a school or organization.  

Green Dot Program
Provides information on the program and importance of bystander interventions that can be used to stop interpersonal violence from happening within your school, college campus, or community.

Stop It Now
Provides information and educational strategies on how to prevent and end child sexual abuse.

No More
National awareness campaign aimed at engaging bystanders to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  

Men Can Stop Rape
National organization that encourages boys and young men to prevent all forms of physical and sexual violence, especially towards women.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky
Provides educators and advocates with information on how to prevent child abused and neglect in the state of Kentucky.

It’s On Us Campaign
Awareness campaign lauched by the President and Vice President to raise awareness of sexual assaults occurring on college campuses and how we can end this form of violence by being proactive bystanders.

24 Hour Helpline 1.800.928.7273 • Paducah 270.534.4422 • Murray 270.753.5777