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Trauma-informed therapy at PASAC is unique and individualized. We know everyone is different, so we provide a variety of therapeutic techniques and interventions that are supported by research to be the most effective techniques to use with victims of sexual violence. Through the use of our assessment-based, integrative therapeutic approach, we aim to offer treatment that is going to allow individuals to obtain short-term relief from trauma-related problems and long-term changes in the individual’s overall health and well-being.  

Our treatment methods:

PASAC has several resources available to individuals who may not be sure that therapy is right at this time. We encourage survivors seeking additional information or parents who suspect abuse and want to learn more to review the resources below:

For Adult Survivors:

Sexual Violence and Trauma – This handbook defines trauma, describes the various forms of sexual violence, addresses societal myths about sexual violence, describes common trauma reactions common to survivors of sexual violence as well as common behavioral and emotional responses to sexual violence. The guide also provides an overview of services available at PASAC free of charge to survivors.

Self Care and Positive Coping Strategies – This describes the importance of self-care in our daily routines and provides suggestions for techniques to incorporate into daily living.

For Parents:

Protecting Life’s Little Treasures:  What Every Parent Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse – This handbook defines child sexual abuse, describes behavioral and physical signs that may indicate abuse, explains the impact of trauma on children, details what parents can expect from the treatment process and provides a list of recommended reading sources for additional information.

Age Appropriate Sexual Behaviors – It can be difficult for caregivers to differentiate between “normal” sexual behaviors and behaviors that are signs that a child may be developing a problem. This handout provided by Stop It Now! describes age appropriate sexual behavior in children.

Positive Parenting Strategies – It is not uncomon for behavioral difficulties to develop in children following sexual abuse. This handout provides strategies for decreasing negative behaviors and increasing positive behaviors in children and teenagers.

Healing Starts Here:  

Click the link below to learn more about our new client intake/orientation process, specialized therapy services, and access the new client paperwork you can complete before your first appointment.

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