Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are very important to us here at PASAC. Our volunteers are truly the backbone of our center, as we simply could not provide the quality of services our clients deserve without the support of volunteers.  Our volunteers come from all across the Purchase Area to donate their time, talents, and resources to serve victims of sexual violence and to make the community a safer place for us all. Volunteers provided more than 12,000 hours of their time last year alone! In honor of our diverse, dedicated, and passionate volunteers, PASAC would like to share the following poem, adapted from a poem written by Lesley Dunn from The Dartmouth Learning Network. 

Volunteers Cast a Beautiful Shadow

Each day as the sun begins to rise
The Earth is warmed by rays so fine
And as we pause and drink warmth in
We see our shadows start to begin

As children we tried to run away
From the lingering soul that accompanied us each day
As years went by we then understood
That to see our shadow was a sign of good

Now often when we volunteer
The impact of our work is seldom near
Yet like our shadow that lingers close
Our collective efforts continue to bring hope

For many years our mission has been met
By volunteers who will not forget
To be a victim is a dark cloud in the sky
As our volunteers you will not idly stand by

And as the sun in the sky does climb
Our shadow lengthens over time
Always there, a comfort to see
Bringing hope eternal to those in need

We are the sun, you are the rays
Warming life in so many ways!

For more information on volunteering with PASAC, visit our Volunteer Page or contact PASAC staff member Amanda Harris. Amanda may be reached by email at aharris@pasacky,org or by calling the center at (270)534-4422. 

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