Support at the First Moment
of Immediate Need

“You are not alone.”

For Mia Hu, these words are more than a comforting statement offered to survivors of sexual violence. They are a responsibility she upholds as a crisis response and medical advocacy volunteer, providing support to survivors who seek emergency medical care after sexual assault.

In the first moment of immediate need, advocates like Mia provide information to help survivors and families understand their medical and legal options while offering support through the process. Reflecting on her role, Mia shares that building trust as an advocate helps build a foundation for the survivor’s long-term recovery after trauma.

“I want to be there to help them,” says Mia. “I let survivors and families know that I believe them, that what happened is not their fault, and that Lotus is here as a resource. Knowing that Lotus exists brings a lot of comfort to them.”

Mia with her family.

Mia works full-time in sales at MRCOOL LLC, and previously worked as clinic manager of Dr. Hussain’s office. She is a mother of two. On weekends, she steps into her role as a crisis response and medical advocacy volunteer. 

“I try to be on-call every weekend that I’m in town,” says Mia.

She became involved with Lotus through friends and connections. After attending the Lotus Growing Together! Festival and Picnic in April 2022, Mia wanted to know more about how she could contribute to our mission.

Mia and her children at the Lotus Growing Together! Festival and Picnic in April 2022.

Mia recalls that her daughter came home from school one day and shared a lesson she had learned at school—”no blame, no shame.” At school that day, Mia’s daughter had participated in a program led by a Lotus prevention educator, where she learned about Monique Burr Foundation’s 5 Safety Rules. Mia says that programs like this, and the services Lotus provides, help the future of our communities.

“The fact that organizations like Lotus exist, and focus on preventing child abuse and sexual violence, is a crucial step towards creating a safer and more just society,” says Mia. “By providing education and resources to individuals, families, and communities, Lotus helps to create a safer and more supportive environment. Through its various programs and initiatives, Lotus works to raise awareness about these issues, promote healthy relationships and behaviors, and support survivors in their healing and recovery.”

Crisis response and medical advocacy volunteers like Mia play a key role in responding to sexual violence in our communities. In fact, the number of sexual assault survivors who sought emergency medical care following the assault has increased 1,533% in the last decade, according to a new study published in Jama Network Open.

Thank you, Mia, for all that you do to support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities!

If you are interested in joining Mia as a crisis response and medical advocacy volunteer, complete our volunteer application.




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