Make a Report

Thank you for taking seriously the health and safety of the children in your life. If you have any questions about making a report or how to fill out the form, please contact us. Remember, by law, you are required to make a report for any suspected abuse or neglect.

What requires mandatory reporting in Kentucky?

  • Any person who is under the age of 18 whose health or welfare is harmed or threatened with harm when a parent, guardian, or other person exercising custodial control or supervision inflicts harm onto the minor child.
  • Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, who because of mental and/or physical dysfunction, is unable to manage his own resources or carry out the activities of daily living, and may need protection from neglect, hazardous or abusive situations.

What information will I need when I make a report?

  • The victim’s name, gender and approximate age.
  • The name of the person believed to be responsible for the abuse or neglect.
  • The nature and extent of the abuse, neglect, or exploitation, including any evidence of previous abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • The current location of the victim (home address, daycare, school, or other facility).
  • Any immediate risk to the victim.
  • Any other information the person believes might be helpful in establishing the cause of abuse, neglect or exploitation.
  • The name of the person making the report and identifying information IF the caller wishes to give that information; anonymous reports are accepted and investigated.

How do I make the report?

Contact DCBS Centralized Intake or your local Law Enforcement office.

DCBS Centralized Intake: 1-877-597-2331

Other Reporting Contacts

Kentucky State Police Post 1: 270-856-3721

National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453

Prison Rape Elimination Act Confidential Reporting Hotline: 1-800-586-9431

Reporting FAQs

In Kentucky, any individual who has knowledge of the abuse, neglect or exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult is required by law (KRS 600 & KRS 209) to report the abuse to DCBS or law enforcement.

Mandatory reporting laws require that suspected abuse be reported. This means that a report should be made if you have any reason to believe abuse or neglect have taken place. Reporters are protected from any liability for all reports made in good faith.

Reports can be made anonymously, meaning you are not required to share your own name or contact information.

If you do choose to share your name and information, the investigative worker assigned may be able to contact you for additional information. However, DCBS workers are required to keep reporting sources confidential so are not permitted to identify the individual who made the report.

DCBS staff will determine if the report meets criteria for an investigation. If criteria is met, an investigative worker will be assigned and will respond by meeting with the children and adults involved to gather additional information.

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