Meet Our Team

We are all Lotus, capable of being courageous, strong, resilient, and beautiful. Committed to fostering empowerment and resiliency in everything we do, our team of skilled professionals works diligently to promote safety, healing, and justice for survivors and to build a community which supports survivors and simply does not tolerate oppression and violence.

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Megan Anthony

Paducah Office Receptionist

270-534-4422 ext. 10

Lauren Barks


270-534-4422 ext. 16

Natalie Broster

Community Impact Director


Lori Wells Brown

Executive Director

270-534-4422 ext. 19

Gabriela Cano

Outreach Advocate


Lindy Darnell

Community Engagement Coordinator

270-534-4422 ext. 22

Sarah Grimsley

Service Coordinator


Amanda Harris


270-534-4422 ext. 33

Amberly Haverstock

Development Director

270-534-4422 ext. 32

Whitney Keene


270-534-4422 ext. 36

Anna Laurent

Community Engagement & Prevention Specialist

270-534-4422 ext. 35

Megan Meade

Family Advocate

270-534-4422 ext. 18

Christy Ralph

Finance & Human Resources Director

270-534-4422  ext. 12

Bethany Roach

Family Advocate

270-534-4422 ext. 34

Bree Shelby

Clinical Coordinator

270-534-4422 ext. 20

Sharon Smith

Therapist/Forensic Interviewer

270-534-4422 ext. 13

Grace Stewart

Intervention Program Director

270-534-4422 ext. 11

Staci Todd

SART Coordinator & Crisis Response Advocate

270-534-4422 ext. 23

Nichole Wadley

Forensic Program Coordinator

270-534-4422 ext. 15