Lotus Collective Empowerment | End Sexual Violence | Western Kentucky

Collective Empowerment

Together we can make a difference and end sexual violence!

You and I have the power to end sexual violence and child abuse. Yes, you have that kind of power.

To be a lotus means you can stand, heal and grow above the challenges many face in life.

We are Lotus…because we believe this is possible for everyone, no matter what circumstances we’re trying to overcome.

Lotus is Kentucky’s regional children’s advocacy center and sexual assault program serving all 8 counties of the Purchase Area including McCracken, Calloway, Marshall, Graves, Hickman, Fulton, Ballard and Carlisle Counties. We are committed to serving all survivors and do not discriminate against anyone on any basis. All are welcome.

Lotus has brought hope to survivors for more than 30 years! We walk alongside both children and adults as they learn how to hope, heal, and grow. Through education and proactive community involvement, we believe we can build a safe, violence-free community.

We are a collective who believes we can spread hope and spark change. Our Collective Empowerment program is focused on educating and engaging community members to support survivors and end violence. Our goal is to strengthen families and build resilient communities.

Through collaboration, outreach, education and social justice advocacy, we are working to deepen understanding and inspire action. Let’s grow in understanding. Let’s grow in resilience. Let’s grow in strength. Let’s stand together against every form of violence.

“The warmth of environment and the professionalism of leadership that I experienced in one visit ensured me that my contribution would be utilized to make a true difference in this community.”

Jackie Harris, Board Chair- Elect