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Support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities
to end child abuse and sexual violence.

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You may not know how or where you fit in as a volunteer just yet but that’s OKAY. Whatever your passion, talents or time commitment, there is a place for you at Lotus. We welcome you to join us in creating a community of support for survivors and freedom from violence.

As a volunteer, you will be supporting FREE specialized services for survivors while creating meaningful change in your community. Lotus provides volunteer opportunities in the following areas so CLICK away to explore where you best fit within our mission!

Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Childcare | Kentucky


Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Intervention & Restorative | Kentucky

Intervention & Restorative

Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Community Education & Outreach | Kentucky

Community Education & Outreach

Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Development | Kentucky


Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Medical Advocacy | Kentucky

Medical Advocacy

Remove barriers so families can fully engage in services and events.

Support safety, healing, and justice for survivors and families.

Connect survivors to life-saving services and create positive change.

Help grow Lotus resources to further the success of our mission.

Provide critical advocacy and support to victims in emergency departments.

Volunteer with Lotus

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Lotus Sexual Assault Center | Volunteer | Kentucky