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What You Should Know About Survivors – From Survivors

Lotus seeks to improve safety, healing, and justice outcomes for survivors; we do this through a holistic approach to wellness. It’s important to understand that survivor identities, experiences, and perspectives

Tornado & Severe Storm System Response

Our thoughts and efforts are directed towards the communities impacted by the devastating tornadoes and severe weather system on December 10. ITEMS NEEDED FOR CARE PACKAGES Lotus is currently collecting

Lotus Announces Children’s Advocacy Mobile Unit

Lotus Announces Children’s Advocacy Mobile Unit Lotus’ new CAC Mobile Unit will equip staff to provide services for families and victims, such as forensic interviews in a “child-friendly environment.” Lotus

November Updates

View Original ANNOUNCING OUR NEW CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY CENTER MOBILE UNIT Many children and families impacted by abuse and neglect face additional barriers to services: lack of transportation, geographic isolation, inability

October Updates

View Original We’re excited to share that our 2020-21 Impact Report is now available online! View the full Impact Report to explore how Lotus supports survivors, strengthens families, and empowers

Teaching Children to be Kind and Inclusive

At Lotus, we envision a world free from violence and oppression for all. We can put this vision into action by teaching children about kindness and inclusion. Lotus Children’s Advocacy

What is Kaleidoscopic Justice?

Each individual survivor has a different definition of what justice means to them. Kaleidoscopic justice is a framework for understanding how “justice” is not just something that happens to perpetrators