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Board Application

Lotus is currently seeking dynamic and diverse leaders to serve on our Board of Directors. We are looking for people who share our collective values and have skill sets and perspectives that align with our strategies, goals, and needs necessary to successfully advance our Lotus mission.

We appreciate your interest in learning more about service through our Lotus Board of Directors. Serving on the board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. We are providing the following information to help you understand the commitments of this leadership position. For you to make the best decision for yourself and the organization, please carefully review this information and application in its entirety.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Qualified candidates will be contacted by our Nominating Committee to schedule an interview. The Board of Directors meets bimonthly and the annual calendar of events will be provided to candidates in their invitation for board service.

Per Kentucky Regulations and Statutes, candidates for board membership must complete the following background checks successfully prior to full approval for membership:

  • Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Central Registry Check
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts Criminal History Record
  • National Sex Offender Public Website Search

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Lori Wells Brown, at [email protected] or our Nominating Committee Chair, Tiffany Benberry, at [email protected].


At Lotus, we envision a world free from oppression and violence. Through shared values, we are deepening understanding, inspiring action, and amplifying our collective impact to create lasting change in our Purchase Area communities.


Our collective values of resilience, empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion are the foundation for our Lotus work.

  • Resilience – We hope, heal, and grow in the face of adversity.
  • Empowerment – We recognize and use resources to become stronger and more confident in controlling our lives and claiming our rights.
  • Diversity – We seek to proactively engage, understand, and draw on a variety of qualities and experiences.
  • Equity – We cultivate fairness and justice for all people to thrive.
  • Inclusion – We believe every person’s voice adds value and we strive to create balance in the face of power differences.


The mission of Lotus is to support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities.

Board Member Commitment Agreement

Position Title: Board Member
Reports to: Chair of the Board

To determine policies and procedures for the conduct of the organization; to assist in securing funds to support the mission of the organization and finance the organization’s programs; and to monitor organizational performance.
Specific Duties

  1. Make a considerable commitment to Lotus and its mission.
  2. Understand the goals, policies, and programs of the organization.
  3. Regularly attend board and committee meetings and actively participate in the policymaking and strategic decisions of the board.
  4. Participate actively on one or more of the board’s committees suited to the best interest and skills of the member and to provide assistance on an individual basis in the area of the member’s expertise.
  5. Take financial responsibility for the organization assisting the organization in setting and reaching its funding goals.

Sepcific Responsibilities

  1. Elect other members of the board upon nomination by the Nominating Committee.
  2. Provide expertise as requested by staff members.
  3. Establish policies for administering the programs and services which are in harmony with the purpose of the organization.
  4. Ensure the financial affairs of the organization are conducted on a responsible basis in accordance with established policies.
  5. Active participation in securing funds required for operation by working with staff and board members.


A regular term of office for a Director of Lotus shall be for a period of three years. Board members may serve two consecutive terms of office up to a maximum of six consecutive years. After the term of office, board members are required to resign their active board membership status, except for advisory membership status, for at least one full year before resuming active board membership with voting privileges as described in the Lotus Bylaws, Article III: Board of Directors, Section 3.03.2.

Vacancies created by death, resignation, or otherwise shall be filled upon recommendation of the Executive Committee with approval of a majority of board members present at the time of nomination.

Board Member
Position Description

Lotus board service is a significant responsibility. Board members have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure Lotus does the best work possible for the successful advancement of our mission. Board members must be committed to the Lotus mission, values, and goals, and must act responsibly and prudently as its steward.

Duties and responsibilities as a board member include the following:

  1. I accept the bylaws of Lotus and understand that I am ethically responsible for the health and wellbeing of this organization. I am legally responsible along with other board members for this organization.
  2. I am fiscally responsible with other board members for this organization. I will know what our budget is and take an active part in reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget and income generating activities, including fundraising, to meet it.
  3. I will support the Chief Executive Officer and staff of Lotus in their efforts to carry out the strategic plan for Lotus. I will stay informed about what is going on in the organization and be responsible to know and ensure the implementation of policies and programs.
  4. I will regularly attend board meetings, respond to email messages, be available for phone consultation, and exhibit responsiveness to requests from the organization.
  5. I will participate in discussion and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other board matters.
  6. I will serve on at least one Lotus committee and am prepared to do real work as a part of that committee to accomplish the committee’s goals for each fiscal year.
  7. I will actively engage in fundraising activities for this organization in whatever ways are best suited for me. These may include individual solicitation, selling tickets to special events, identifying prospective donors, signing mail appeals and the like.
  8. I will actively promote Lotus and the organization’s services and values to the community, representing the organization and acting as a spokesperson when asked.
  9. I will actively participate in the activities and events of Lotus. This includes, but is not limited to, community outreach and engagement opportunities.
  10. I will offer my expertise to help ensure the health and success of the organization.
  11. I will act in the best interest of the organization and excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest.
  12. I will give what is to me a meaningful annual financial contribution. I understand that as a board member it is important that Lotus be one of my philanthropic priorities.
  13. I will complete the term to which I am elected to the best of my ability. If my circumstances change to prohibit me from fulfilling my responsibilities, I will notify the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer.
  14. If I have a concern or issue, I will address through appropriate communication with the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer.

In turn, Lotus will be responsible to me in several ways:

  1. Prior to each board meeting, I will be sent, without request, financial reports, minutes from the previous meeting, and an update of organizational activities that allow me to meet the “prudent person” section of the law.
  2. I will receive ample notice of all board meetings, committee meetings, and special events.
  3. My time, talents, and expertise will be appreciated and used appropriately by other board members and Lotus staff.
  4. Opportunities will be offered to me to discuss with the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair the organization’s programs, goals, activities, and status. Additionally, I can request such opportunities.
  5. The organization will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues in the industry and field in which we are working, and by offering me opportunities for professional development as a Board member.
  6. Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions I have that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal, and ethical responsibilities to this organization. Board members and staff will work in good faith with me towards achievement of our goals.
  7. If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer to discuss these responsibilities.

Lotus Board Member Application

  • Applications are used by our Board’s Nominating Committee to identify and evaluate potential board candidates. All new directors are elected by a majority vote of current board members; therefore, this application may be reviewed by all board members but will otherwise be kept confidential.

  • Candidate Information

  • Contact Information

  • Your Interests

  • Our Lotus Board includes the following committees:

    • Executive Committee serves as the central planning for Lotus and advisory group for the Executive Director and ensures the overall health and functioning of the Board. Board members should serve a minimum of one year in order to be considered for Executive Committee service.

    • Finance Committee is responsible for addressing financial planning and operations, monitoring, and evaluation of the organization’s funding, financial management, facilities, assets, risks, and insurance programs assuring that sound policies and internal controls are maintained.

    • Development Sub-committee assists with development planning and board engagement in fundraising initiatives.

    • Nominating Committee solicits recommendations for Board of Directors’ members and presents a slate of officers for the coming fiscal year.

    • Personnel Committee periodically reviews the personnel policies and make recommendations for changes as needed.

  • References

  • Please list three references who we may contact to discuss your nomination.

  • Reference #1

  • Reference #2

  • Reference #3

  • The Lotus Board of Directors meets bimonthly. The annual calendar of events will be provided to candidates in their invitation for board service.

    By submitting this application, I hereby attest that I am submitting my name for consideration of membership of the Lotus Board of Directors. I have read, understand, and agree to all duties and responsibilities expected of me as outlined in the Board Member Position Description and Commitment Agreement. I understand regular attendance at scheduled board meetings and participation on board committees is required. I am willing to commit the time required to be a responsible and informed member of the Lotus Board. The information presented above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.