Lotus Sexual Violence Resource Center

Sexual Assault Center

You are Strong. It takes courage and strength to survive, seek help, and heal from sexual violence.

Right now you may feel alone, scared, unsure of yourself and everyone around you. You may not realize that, even right now in this difficult moment, you are strong.

To be a lotus means you can stand, heal and grow above the difficulties many of us face in life.

We are Lotus…because we believe this is possible for everyone.

Lotus Sexual Violence Resource Center is Kentucky’s sexual assault advocacy program providing free services to all-age survivors of sexual violence from across the Purchase Area counties of McCracken, Calloway, Marshall, Graves, Hickman, Fulton, Ballard and Carlisle. As a sexual assault center, we are committed to serving all survivors and do not discriminate against anyone on any basis. All are welcome here. You are welcome here.

Lotus has brought hope to survivors for more than 30 years! We are committed to walk beside you as you heal. But we won’t stop there, we are committed to building a safe, violence-free community. We weren’t able to prevent your situation, but we will not stop trying.

“When people leave here, they leave stronger. They take that strength out into the world and pass it on. Being part of that, as a board member, is a joy and a privilege.”

Jennifer Horbelt Bonds, Board Chair