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Shine Your Light Yoga Festival: Restorative Yoga on the Path to Healing


Bringing the Community Together

True North Yoga and Lotus joined Take Back the Night’s Shine Your Light Yoga Festival on Saturday, July 31. Lotus held a restorative yoga class at our Paducah campus, bringing our community together in a collective breath of strength, support, and healing for survivors and those who stand against sexual violence.

Fostering Safety & Healing

Yoga is a meaningful addition to any person’s healing journey, especially those who are healing from sexual violence. Yoga can bring new depth to resilience, helping to bring survivors back into their bodies, to interact with the world around them, to tell their stories in a language other than spoken words, and to begin trusting others again. 

The Holistic Healing Center at the Lotus sanctuary is a space for healing and building resilience, where resources are provided for survivors on their healing journey.

For many survivors, it can be difficult to trust or ask for support from others after trauma. Through restorative yoga, survivors can gain experience utilizing support through props. Throughout the class, participants are also able to honor their own choices in a safe, trauma-informed environment. This ultimately fosters resilience and empowerment for the survivor.

Lotus restorative outreach and engagement specialist and yoga instructor, Bri Rollins, demonstrates a yoga pose.

True North Yoga co-owner, Crystal Bailey, shared her personal journey with yoga. Yoga has helped her feel more comfortable in her own skin. It has helped Crystal heal from physical and emotional trauma as well as reduce stress and mental turmoil. Because of yoga, she has more personal space and acceptance of herself, which helps foster compassion with others. 

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Sarah is a community impact intern at Lotus. She is a junior at Murray State studying organizational communication and is passionate about working in the nonprofit sector one day.

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