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Why I Give: Dr. Christine Lindner


Dr. Christine Lindner, a history professor at Murray State University, has lived all over the world. From Long Island, to the United Kingdom, to Lebanon, and other communities on the world map, she now calls Murray, Kentucky her home. To Dr. Lindner, Murray is special because of its richness as a community.
“Because of my experiences, one thing that’s important to me is that whenever you move somewhere, you first learn about the place before you start being active.
Through the years, Dr. Lindner has intentionally used her platform to amplify social justice causes in collaboration with Murray community members. In March of 2021, Dr. Lindner organized a candlelight vigil on violence against women. In June, she also helped organize the Murray Pride Parade & Picnic.
Dr. Lindner says she first learned about Lotus while compiling resource lists for students. She knew right away that our Lotus mission to support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities resonated with her own values.

Raising Each Other Up

In her work, Dr. Lindner has observed that the most meaningful opportunities for empowerment happen when individuals have the tools and resources to empower each other. She says that survivor-led support groups are a great example.
I really like that Lotus prioritizes people who are from the community and also survivors themselves,” says Dr. Lindner. “At Lotus, there is a community coming together, raising each other up.”
Dr. Lindner believes that everyone plays a role in ending sexual violence. One way that we can all take action is to share information about the resources available to survivors, children, and families in the Purchase Area.
“There is such a silence around the topic of sexual violence,” Dr. Lindner shares. “Just sharing that resources like Lotus exist, and that they are accessible, is important. Hurt or shame around the issue can be a hurdle of awareness. Even if you can’t get involved any other way, know what the resources are, and share that knowledge. That’s actually a really big part of community outreach.”

Giving Back by Giving Monthly

Donating to local organizations is another way we can support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities. As a Lotus monthly donor, Dr. Lindner believes it is important to give if we are able to do so.
“Being in a position where I am able to give, I make it a part of my regular routine. It’s a value that is instilled in me. I want to use that to contribute to creating a safer Murray.”
You can join Dr. Lindner by donating to Lotus. Whether you wish to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation, your impact helps us create a world free from violence and oppression, where all people thrive.

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