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Support at the First Moment of Immediate Need

“You are not alone.” For Mia Hu, these words are not just a comforting statement to offer survivors of sexual violence. They are an action she embodies as a volunteer hospital advocate, providing support to survivors seeking emergency medical care after sexual assault.

Trauma and How it Impacts the Brain

Trauma and How it Effects the Brain Sexual violence can have psychological, emotional, and physical impacts on a survivor. Understanding how trauma impacts the brain can help survivors understand their

How to respond when someone discloses abuse

How to Respond When a Loved One Discloses Abuse When a survivor discloses that they have been sexually assaulted it can be difficult for both the survivor and the person

Yoga for Survivors: Poses

Yoga Poses & Practices for Survivors of Trauma Healing Through Yoga Mindfulness and movement can bring new depth to healing and inner resilience, helping to bring survivors back into their

What You Should Know About Survivors – From Survivors

Lotus seeks to improve safety, healing, and justice outcomes for survivors; we do this through a holistic approach to wellness. It’s important to understand that survivor identities, experiences, and perspectives