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Lotus 2022 Community and Connection


Lotus 2022 Year in Review

Community and Connection

In 2022, Lotus continued to grow our specialized in-person and telehealth services, outreach, and community engagement. As we reflect on the past year, we recognize the empowerment that a visible community of support brings.  

The launch of our mobile children’s advocacy center, the Hope Heal Grow Mobile, allowed us to increase access to services for survivors, children, and families in collaboration with our multidisciplinary team partners. 

Legislative Advocacy Successes

In January, Lotus celebrated Children’s Advocacy Week and Sexual Assault Survivors’ Advocacy Week by empowering individuals and groups to advocate for survivors, children, and families at the state level. Lotus and our statewide coalitions of children’s advocacy centers and sexual violence resource centers successfully advocated to help make Kentucky a safer place to live by urging state legislators to support additional funding for children’s advocacy centers and sexual violence resource centers. 

Celebrating Community Resilience

In April, Lotus hosted the first-ever Growing Together! Festival & Picnic for survivors, children, and families to enjoy a day of playful activities while building resilience. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with sunshine, laughter, and more than 150 individuals and families who came out to show support for Lotus’ mission and build protective factors together. The festival featured fun activities such as face painting, planting flowers, mindful movement, music, family yoga, button making, cookie decorating and more.  

Education to Prevent Child Abuse and Sexual Violence  

3,635 students gained skills to treat others with kindness; cope with adversity by building resilience; use the internet more safely; and create safer, more inclusive spaces to learn and socialize.  



Expanded Community Outreach

As the first of its kind in Kentucky, our Hope Heal Grow Mobile innovates our outreach services by meeting children and families where they are and expanding access to safety, healing, and justice throughout the eight counties of the Purchase Area.


Thank you for joining us in our mission to support survivors, strengthen families, and empower communities. We look forward to staying connected with you in 2023. Join our newsletter to engage in volunteer opportunities, attend upcoming events, and access resources. 

Sarah is a community impact intern at Lotus. She is a senior at Murray State studying organizational communication and nonprofit leadership and is passionate about working in the nonprofit sector one day.

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