Who is Lotus?

We are all Lotus. We all have the power to end sexual violence and child abuse.

Let's support survivors, strengthen families and remind our neighbors WE ALL have the power to hope, heal and grow.
Lotus | Sexual Violence Resource Center | Sexual Abuse Center | Western Kentucky

Our sexual assault response team is focused on providing a safe space for sexual violence survivors. As a state-designated sexual abuse center, we provide support and advocacy services to individuals of all ages who have been impacted by sexual abuse and assault. Regardless of when the victimization happened, Lotus is here to help. Advocates assist survivors and their loved ones to define needs, explore options, understand reactions, and strengthen coping skills. Some of our services include medical and legal advocacy as well as specialized therapy and restorative services for children and adults.

“I could begin to take back my own body, take back the power to make my own healthy decisions and realize that I am worth so much more than I ever believed possible.”
– Survivor
Lotus | Children's Advocacy Center | Sexual Abuse Center | Western Kentucky

When police or child protective services receive a report that a child may be abused, our Child Advocacy Center offers all the necessary services by a skilled team of professionals. The child is brought to our safe, child-friendly environment by a caregiver or other “safe” adult. The child tells their story once to a trained interviewer. Based on the interview, a multidisciplinary team (MDT) that includes law enforcement, child protective services, medical, mental health, victim advocacy, and prosecution make decisions about how to best help the child and family. Lotus provides a wide range of services including family advocacy, medical exams, specialized therapy, court preparation, and more.

“Staff were very friendly and wonderful to the children. From the receptionist to the interviewer and everyone in between! Everyone was amazing. They were caring and helpful throughout the whole process. They were really nice and friendly and made sure I knew what was going on.”
– Caregiver
Lotus | Collective Empowerment | Sexual Abuse Center | Western Kentucky

We are a collective who believes we can spark and create lasting change. Our Collective Empowerment program strives to create a unified community dedicated to supporting survivors and ending violence. Let’s work together to change the way people think about, talk about, and act around child abuse & sexual violence.

Through collaboration, outreach, education, and social justice advocacy, we are working to deepen understanding and inspire action. Let’s grow in understanding. Let’s grow in resilience. Let’s grow in strength. Let’s stand together against every form of violence.

“Without exception, in every single case, I find Lotus to be extremely helpful and valuable. They are a virtue to the prosecutors, law enforcement, the victims and the victims’ families…and the community as a whole.”
– Richie Kemp, Assistant Graves County Attorney
NOTE: With the support of our generous community, Lotus is able to provide training and education services free of charge.

Lotus is Kentucky’s regional children’s advocacy center and sexual assault program serving all 8 counties of the Purchase Area including McCracken, Calloway, Marshall, Graves, Hickman, Fulton, Ballard, and Carlisle Counties. As a sexual abuse center, we are committed to serving all survivors and do not discriminate against anyone on any basis. All are welcome.

We chose the name Lotus because above the muddy waters of  violence there is still the possibility to hope, heal and grow. Lotus honors the exceptional courage and resilience of survivors. As a symbol of enlightenment and reawakening, lotus also embodies our collective empowerment initiative to deepen understanding and inspire action in creating non-violent communities.  Believe this is possible. Believe there is hope for you, your family and your community.
Lotus | Sexual Assault Program | Sexual Abuse Center | Western Kentucky

Lotus has brought hope to survivors for more than 30 years, at no charge! No one should feel hopeless; not survivors of rape, sexual assault or child abuse or neglect, not your neighbor, your family or you. That’s why we’re committed to making sure every survivor that comes through the doors of our sexual abuse center is met with a clear path to the services and resources they need to heal and reclaim their lives.

Our main location is the Lotus Paducah campus and we have a second office location in Murray at the Weaks Community Center though we serve an eight county footprint through outreach. We provide a comprehensive and collaborative service approach where survivors can receive all the necessary services to help them through the entire process from crisis to long-term recovery. In one year, we will help improve the safety, healing and justice outcomes for more than 1,400 all-age survivors and their supportive family members from across the Purchase Area, all free of charge. We see the goal of recovery as not only surviving trauma but also opening up to the possibility of hope, healing, and growth. With the community’s support, we are able to provide transformative, lasting changes helping survivors to truly heal and reclaim their lives.

Here, you can find hope and healing. Here you can find a place to use your compassion, your talents, and resources. Here at Lotus, you can be a part of a community spreading hope and sparking change.

Our History

Our efforts began in 1984 when Western Baptist emergency room nurses recognized a need. They realized sexual assault victims needed more than the immediate medical help they could provide. Hospital employees, social service representatives, mental health providers, state representatives and other community members took action and formed an advisory board. Western Baptist then installed a 24-hour helpline and volunteers were trained to assist and support victims. This was just the beginning. Educational programs began throughout the community and survivors of sexual offenses were offered counseling, medical assistance and legal guidance.

In 1987, the Western Baptist Hospital and the Paducah Cooperative Ministry Rape Victim Service, Inc. was established. From there, our program began to evolve, providing more funding, more staff, more counseling services and eventually a stand alone office. During the 90’s we expanded our services and established our Paducah sexual abuse center on a beautiful new campus and offered more services in the Murray/Calloway County area.

In 2007, we assumed the designation as the regional children’s advocacy program and established Kentucky’s first Expressive Arts Therapies Center dedicated to working with victims of violence. All-age survivors are now able to engage their mind, body and spirit through activities such as sand tray therapy, mindfulness practices, trauma-sensitive yoga and other specialized therapy services. Based on the success of our restorative programming, we are currently renovating a new Holistic Healing Center which will provide a safe, nurturing environment supporting a holistic approach to healing and wellness for survivors, professionals who support them, and vulnerable populations beyond our current reach.

Over the years, Lotus has developed from 1 staff member to a full team of multidisciplinary professionals working together to keep our community and children safe. Would you like to be a part of our mission to end violence and oppression?