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Category: Community Impact

Support at the First Moment of Immediate Need

“You are not alone.” For Mia Hu, these words are not just a comforting statement to offer survivors of sexual violence. They are an action she embodies as a volunteer hospital advocate, providing support to survivors seeking emergency medical care after sexual assault.

Lotus 2022 Community and Connection

Lotus 2022 Year in Review Community and Connection In 2022, Lotus continued to grow our specialized in-person and telehealth services, outreach, and community engagement. As we reflect on the past

Smoothie Recipes for a Self-Care Summer

Smoothie Recipes: For a Self-Care Summer As the weather heats up, a refreshing smoothie not only helps keep us cool, but also energized, focused, and healthy. Check out these smoothie

Growing Together! Festival and Picnic

Growing Together! Festival and Picnic On Saturday, April 23, Lotus hosted the first-ever Growing Together! Festival & Picnic for survivors, children, and families to enjoy a day of playful activities

Tornado & Severe Storm System Response

Our thoughts and efforts are directed towards the communities impacted by the devastating tornadoes and severe weather system on December 10. ITEMS NEEDED FOR CARE PACKAGES Lotus is currently collecting